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Townsville with the Chisholms

Come explore Townsville with the Chisholm family! This mum and daughter duo are off to uncover the stories of a military past, explore dramatic landscapes and immerse themselves in the remarkable Great Barrier Reef. With activities to suit everyone’s holiday agenda, Townsville North Queensland is a great family holiday destination.

Check back regularly to see what the Chisholm family have been up to and find out what their favourite experiences are!

Meet the Chisholm family exploring Townsville


Charters Towers Townsville QLD with the Chisholm Family

Horseriding on Magnetic Island with the Chisholms

Magnetic Island QLD with the Chisholm Family

Forts Walk Magnetic Island QLD with the Chisholm Family

Reef HQ Townsville with Chisholm Family

Museum of Tropical QLD Townsville with Chisholm Family